Lab 7: GUI Enigma (Replacement) | CS 2113 Software Engineering - Spring 2022

Lab 7: GUI Enigma (Replacement)

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This lab is not required. If you choose to complete it, you can earn up to 5 bonus points on the Java exam.


Accept this assignment here:

Development Environment

This lab can be developed locally on your machine using any java installation.

Running your program

Run your lab on the command line by executing the following pipeline

java EnigmaGUI

Testing your lab

There is no test script for this lab. Your grade is based on running your GUI and testing different input/outputs as well as additional functionality. We will also read your code for object-oriented design principles.

Enigma GUI

In this lab, you are going to write a GUI wrapper around the Enigma program you wrote as part of lab-5.

Reviewing how Engima worked

If you recall, that lab required you to complete three classes

To decrypt and encrypt, you provided the settings as command line arguments:

                  ,-- inner rotor initially positioned so X is on top
                  |,-- middle rotor initially positioned so # is on top
                  ||  ,-- outer rotor initially positioned so Y is on top
                  || /
java Comms 4 2 3 "X#Y" encrypt
           | | |
           | | `-- outer rotor is rotor 3
           | `-- middle rotor is rotor 2
           `-- inner rotor is rotor 4

And then the input and output on the command line

~/$ java Comms 1 2 3 "###" encrypt
~/$ java Comms 3 1 2 "SAT" encrypt
~/$ java Comms 5 2 4 "EST" decrypt

Building a GUI

The purpose of this lab is to wrap all that functionality into a GUI. For example, here is a screenshot of a GUI implementation that you should be able to achieve:

Enigma GUI

You must use the following GUI elements in completing this lab

You can use any layout scheme you want for including these elements, but it should look something similar to the screenshot and be obvious in how to use it. For reference, I only used the BorderLayout, but you may find other layouts effective here. (Hint: you may also find it useful to create additional JPanels which organize different parts of your GUI, like the settings and the input/output areas.)


You must submit at least two classes

  • : the main method for launching the GUI
  • : the JFrame that contains the GUI

You may also create additional classes as you see fit to complete this assignment.

You should use your completed Enigma code from lab-5, but if you did not fully finish that assignment, you can use the following class files to complete this assignment. (Note that only compiled version of Enigma and Rotor are provided, but the full src of Comms is available.)

These class files are included in the starter code for your repository. If you want to use your own version, copy over your and file and compiles those, which will replace the existing class files.